eve & art stories

eve & art stories


Hi there!

It’s Artur and Ewelina.

We are a couple of adventurous elopement and wedding photographers.

We get excited by unique locations, dramatic landscapes and great light! There are no biggest fans of Scottish wild nature than us and that’s why we live in this beautiful land. Nature takes a big part in how we look at the world. It has a big impact on our photography too. We love to spend time with our couples outdoors, in amazing places.

We are so much of the thinkers! Walking around Scotland to look for the most exciting and quiet places, where you feel this connection – you and the world of nature – that’s how we find inspiration.

Our biggest dream was to move to Scotland and use our passion for photography to capture stories of every amazing couple that we’re lucky to meet. We believe that dreams are to be fulfilled, so we did and we can’t be happier! We’re looking forward to what the future will bring!

Take a look around and if you feel a connection to work we create then we’d love to hear from you!

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